BIPV – so innovative

PHOTOVOLTAIC GLAZING Building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) glazing can help buildings generate their own electricity, by turning the whole building envelope into a solar panel. Companies such as Polysolar provide transparent photovoltaic glass as a structural building material, forming windows, façades and roofs. Polysolar’s technology is efficient at producing energy even on north-facing, vertical walls and…
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Londoners given peek at abandoned Mail Rail Underground line

Londoners will soon be able to enjoy a unique rail experience – by riding a train going along the disused Mail Rail line.  This is of great interest to me as for many years I supplied staff to one of the main sites the mail left from. The 6.5-mile track runs deep under the capital,…
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How Long It Really Takes to Get a Job?

This week I have spent some time with applicants that have been submitted to roles and after 3/4 weeks are still waiting for feedback... I decided to look at the country's average time it takes to get a job.... it makes for interesting reading!! For a job applicant, the path to getting an offer can…
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