So I was just having a little browse through the work twitter feed (as you do) retweeting traffic incidents, marvelling at the ‘Headlines’ that the Sun newspaper tweets and so on and so forth when in amongst the dull normalness of the work twitter account I came across the photo that’s at the top of this post.

WOW, WOW and again WOW!

Mac N Cheese………. in mini muffin cases……. so you can eat it with your hands………… HEAVEN!

I am a MASSIVE fan of buffet food – same with Tapas – basically because I am greedy and I want to eat everything! Little portions of lots of different food really is my kind of eating. You know when you go out for a really nice dinner, spend ages agonising over what you are going to order, finally pick something and then when the food comes out the person you are with gets something that looks AMAZING and you have MASSIVE food envy? Doesn’t happen with buffets and tapas because you can try a bit of everything!

The improvement in supermarket ready buffet food in the past couple of years is also something that has made me VERY happy. All of the big name supermarkets have really upped their game and you can see them fighting with each other to get the best mini food on the shelves. and you really can get it all now – it’s not just the standard sausage rolls, mini quiches, crudites, cheese and pineapple on sticks, vol au vents, pork pies, snack eggs, and egg sandwiches of the brilliant buffets I enjoyed as a child anymore, you can literally get ANYTHING in miniature for a buffet! Steak or chicken pies, pizzas, toad in the hole, burgers, hot dogs even CHICKEN KIEVS can all be found in buffet form this Christmas. And then of course there’s the dim sum, Indian snacks, chicken skewers in a hundred flavours, Moroccan pastries, savoury muffins, pork belly, Sushi, Breaded and filo wrapped prawns, seafood, cold meats, cheese OH MY GOD I AM SO HUNGRY FOR BUFFET FOOD RIGHT NOW!!!

And I’d be lying if I said I only ever eat buffet food from a buffet – last weekend a certain supermarket chain with Magic and Sparkle on Wokingham High Street were doing a 2 for one deal on the Christmas party food……. I may have had 12 mini chicken kievs for dinner on Saturday night and 12 mini toad in the holes for lunch on Sunday……… I may have also then wondered why when I went to Fat fighters on Tuesday I had only lost 1lb this week but that’s a whole other blog post!

I have since posted the link for the recipe that caught my eye to a friend of mine’s FB page who also rather enjoys a good Mac N Cheese in the hope that this will inspire her to make these for us on Christmas Eve when I go over there for nibbles……. Yes Karen Holm THAT’S WHAT I AM ASKING YOU TO DO INDIRECTLY!

I’ll let you know if they turn out to be as amazing as I dream they will be (assuming she figures out what I am trying to suggest to her) and obviously if you want to make them for me in the meantime I will offer myself as a taster for your food because I am just that nice!

Tis the season to eat buffet fa la la la la, la la, la la!