FairFuelUK have spoken with several senior MPs in the Conservative Party in the last week. It’s clear that there is a real risk that George Osborne will put up fuel duty on July 8th in is his first Budget since being elected. The rumour still has not been quashed.

But they have also been told that the 25,000 emails sent to MPs in the last week from FairFuelUK supporters have been seriously noticed by the Treasury. What has been done so far makes an impact and is why with help they’ve fought off 9 levy rises in the last Parliamentary Term.

Most of the MP responses to supporters’ emails have been very understanding with the SNP and Plaid Cymru saying they will fight any increase in duty. The Tory MPs tend to be nervous of saying anything against the Government but collectively repeat their mantra as to what would pump prices have been if it were not for their policy. Labour back benchers are split between fighting the increase or sticking to an inflation based rise.

There are less than 4 weeks to the Budget and during that time we have to keep up the lobbying pressure. If you have not done so already please could you send an email to your MP using this link:

There has been a lot of media coverage too with articles in the Sun, Sunday Times, Financial Times, BBC and other media outlets etc. Quentin Willson and Howard Cox have been asked to quote in articles as to what you feel about the alleged fuel duty rise and will continue to get the media to stoke up even more awareness before July 8th.

They are also holding a reception for MPs on July 1st a week before the Budget to lobby MPs on this issue.