The wheels on this bus really do go round and round, at a world record breaking speed.

This Reading Buses bus is officially the fastest bus in the world as it made history by reaching a top speed of 80.73 miles an hour.

This, of course, wasn’t done of the roads of Reading, but on the circular track at Millbrook, just outside Bedford.

The bus, which runs off Biomethane Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), also maintained an average speed of 76.765mph.

The bus has not been modified in anyway and was back in service in Reading on Wednesday morning.

  • The bus clocked 80.73 miles an hour
  • It runs on Biomethane Compressed Natural Gas
  • 20 per cent of Reading Buses fleet use the fuel

Martijn Gilbert, chief executive of Reading Buses, said: “This is fantastic.

“What a great advert for biomethane which is growing in popularity each day.

“Thirty four vehicles, 20 per cent of our fleet, are now CNG powered and we can’t wait for vehicle suppliers to widen their product range so we can take even greater advantage of this carbon neutral and cost effective solution.

“CNG is not only good for the environment, but its use and promotion has led to noticeable customer growth too.

“Only four weeks ago a fellow operator of a fleet of identical buses stated in a recent survey 92 per cent of their customers preferred them to standard buses.

“Ninety three percent said they offered a smoother, more comfortable ride while 94 per cent agreed that the bus was quieter with much less engine noise. Most importantly, 40 per cent said they now travel more than previously.

“These are impressive statistics and they echo our experiences with these buses in Reading.

“With our supporting partners we are setting out to raise the profile of biomethane CNG powered commercial vehicles and demonstrate that this is a real, credible fuel source.

“At the same time, we challenge old fashioned perceptions of bus travel and also promote science, technology and innovation in our industry.”

At the same time as the bus was flying round the track, the company was issuing the world’s fastest tickets, remotely sold while the bus was attempting the record.

More than 80 tickets were issued during the record attempt and the company says the tickets will be on display at its open day on Sunday, June 14.