Rail users in Reading could save up to 57 per cent on their train fares by ‘splitting’ their tickets.

Splitting rail tickets is a legal loophole where people can save money by buying different tickets for different parts of their journey, rather than one single ticket for their entire journey.

For instance, an open return from Reading to Wolverhampton can cost up to £106.50, but splitting the fare by purchasing separate tickets from Reading to Birmingham, and then from Birmingham to Wolverhampton can reduce the fare 57 per cent, to £46.60.

Advanced returns benefit as well.


Tickets from Reading to Liverpool can cost up to £85.80, but using the fare splitting service commuters can save nearly £20, lowering the price to £66.40.

Commuters can use the website Trainsplit.com, which calculates split ticket fares.

Mike Richardson of TrainSplit said: “People in the know have been saving money by split ticketing for ages, what we are doing with Trainsplit.com is making this insider knowledge available to all rail users.

“We are finding split ticket savings on 60% of journeys, which provide an average additional saving of 30% compared to any other train booking site.”