Are you going to Royal Ascot for the first time this year? If so Get Reading have come up with a handy survival guide to help you get through the entire day without any drama.

The racing experience can be really enjoyable, if you do it properly. But if you miss out one of these steps you could end up grumpy, cold and miserable – or all three.

Make sure you make the most of your day at the races by baring in mind these simple tips.

1 – Eat a big breakfast – Don’t worry about fitting into your new outfit. If you don’t by now you’re not going to by the time the racing starts and you probably look fabulous anyway. Make sure you give yourself a good start to the day with a big breakfast, especially if you’re planning on drinking.

2 – Keep Belongings close by at all times – Despite reducing the number of people able to attend Royal Ascot over the last few years the racecourse is a very busy place. Make sure you keep an eye on all your belongings, don’t leave anything unattended and don’t go flashing your cash – even if you have won mega bucks on an underdog.

3 – Wear Comfy Shoes – Mainly one for the ladies but chaps, if you’ve bought yourself a new pair of brogues perhaps wear them in with a thick pair of socks before giving them their debut at the racecourse. You’ll be on your feet for the majority of the day so even if you can’t imagine wearing something as sensible as flats, pack a pair up with you for when the stilettos become unbearable.

4 – Don’t drink to much!! you really don’t want to ruin your day by having too much alcohol. You’ll either end up having to leave early, ruining your outfit or spending what’s left of your Royal Ascot experience crying in the toilets. There are lots of bars at the racecourse and it may be tempting to upgrade your glass of Pimm’s to a jug but remember to drink in moderation.

5 – Take a brolly – Let’s face it, even though it’s June it’s bound to rain at some point – this is England after all. Don’t get caught out and pop an umbrella in your bag, you won’t regret it, especially if you’re watching the action from the Silver Ring or Ascot Heath where there isn’t very much in the way of cover.

6 – Wrap up warm – As mentioned above, England’s weather can be inconsistent. Even if the sun is shining when you’re leaving the house it’s unlikely to stay that way. Keep your shoulders covered up with a pashmina or better still, take a nice snuggly coat with you. If you don’t need it at least you can use it as a pillow on the journey home.

7 – Put aside a gambling budget – Unless you’re a well-seasoned racegoer you won’t need very much cash for betting but it’s worth putting aside a budget anyway so you don’t carried away and spend you taxi fund! The minimum bet on each race is £2 and there are six races each day. Another popular bet is what colour the Queen will be wearing on the day.

8 – Buy a race card – A racecard is an essential tool to get you through your day at Royal Ascot. It gives you all the information you need to know about the races, the horses and jockeys and anything else happening on the race day. They cost £4.50 and are available from the blue kiosks dotted around all the enclosures.

9 – Pack a  picnic – Unfortunately if you’re in the Grandstand or Royal Enclosure you can’t take a picnic in with you but you can order one or set up one in the car park – and there are loads of places to grad a bite to eat inside the racecourse. If you are in the Silver Ring and are taking food with you make sure you take a look at Ascot’s Picnic Policy or you made end up leaving your lunch at the gates.

But most of all – HAVE A GREAT DAY!