Christmas dinner is the BEST!

It’s like having a roast dinner on ACID!!!

I LOVE Christmas dinner and I have cooked it for my family (varying numbers!) for more than 10 years and I never tire of making and eating Roast Turkey, Roast Pork, Roast Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes, Roast Parsnips, Sage & Onion Stuffing, Sausage Meat Stuffing, Pigs in Blankets, Carrot and Swede Mash, Brussel Sprouts, Peas, Yorkshire Puddings, Gravy and Bread Sauce.

But like many things for me this Christmas it’s a little different this year – I cook only for my parents, their carer, and one of my sisters this year – I sadly have no grandparents left (my granddad had a great innings and passed away at the ripe old age of 91 in May of this year) My brother is visiting his partner’s family in Sunderland and my older sister and her partner are staying home with their three kids this year.

This not only means I am cooking for less people this year but it also means I am not cooking for vegans…… My Sister, her partner and their three children all follow a strict Vegan diet. Now I enjoy cooking for all my family and especially coming up with new ideas that aren’t ‘nut roast’ as a replacement for the meat, I can honestly say hand on heart that they have not had the same Christmas dinner twice over the past 10 years (which is pretty funny as the rest of us have had Turkey and Pork every year!!) BUT what it does mean this year is I can cook potatoes in goose fat, parsnips in honey, I can use real butter in my stuffing and I can use cream and butter in my mashed potatoes!

I know, I know, none of this is good for the waistline but it’s Christmas right?? we should all over indulge at every possible opportunity – it’s the only time we don’t need an excuse because the excuse itself is that it’s Christmas!!

So this year while some of our traditions will be absent (My brother wont be able to steal a pig in blanket off my plate whilst I’m not looking as he’s not going to be there!) the Turkey will still be on the table and we will no doubt eat Faaaaaaaaar toooooooo much!!!

Eat, Drink and be Merry!