How many of us are sitting at our desk and computer wondering to ourselves where did the time go? where did the dreams go?

I’m not a very well travelled person – our family holidays as a child for 10 years were at a farm in North Devon (beautiful part of the world and many fantastic childhood memories) I don’t remember having dreams to travel to faraway places as a child but now well into my thirties I am venturing farther afield and loving every minute of it!

That being said on Monday I am off to Gran Canaria for a week with two of my friends for some sun and relaxation, not particularly exotic or faraway but a new destination nevertheless.

I have been somewhat inspired to see more of the world by a young lady I know by the name of Joanne Suter – I’ve known Jo for 13 years, she’s the youngest daughter of the Landlord and Landlady of the pub I work in part time. Jo decided one day that she wanted to travel , and so she did! So she has and so she still is!

The extent of my travels at the age of 25 were a skiing holiday with the school in France aged 14 (ish) Jo has ticked of 50 Countries already!! since then I have added a few more to the list and have plans to add a few more in the next couple of years Thailand in 2016 and a food tour of India in 2017

Jo is now documenting her travels via her own blog – travels untitled – which makes for great reading, Jo is an intelligent and clever writer who captivates you quickly creating amazing imagery with her words – backed up with some stunning pictures πŸ™‚

So if you want to live a bit of her dream with her you can follow her adventures here – as I type she is about to board a plane from Hawaii to Sydney.

She’s also on Facebook, Twitter and InstagramΒ and well worth a follow!

Go and have a read – say hi, join her adventure with her. Who knows, it might just inspire you to……..